CMTS was established in 1984 and since has adhered to the most rigorous professional standards in the industry.
The name CMTS carries a history of quality and integrity that has been the cornerstone of our success.


CMTS has provided construction services for airports, light rail systems, harbor agencies, state Departments of Transportation, and the US Department of Transportation. Among these are Denver International Airport (DIA); Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); Ontario International Airport (ONT); Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW); Detroit Metro Airport(DTW); Portland International Airport (PDX); the MTA Blue Line Light Rail System in Los Angeles; the RTD Light Rail System in Denver; harbor facilities for the Port of Los Angeles,

In addition, we have provided construction management and inspection work on a number of highway, roadway, grade separations, and bridge projects. These include projects for the Federal Highway Administration’s Western Region; the City of Detroit Street Repair Program; the E-470 Toll Road, Phase I, in Denver; the North Texas Toll Authority, and the following Departments of Transportation: CDOT-Colorado; ODOT-Oregon; NYDOT-New York: FDOTFlorida, DDOT-District of Columbia, and the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation.


The education facilities experience of CMTS is quite extensive. Our program management and construction management involvement has been implemented at every level from K-12 to Higher Education facilities. Past and present clients include the Detroit Public School System; the Los Angeles Unified School District; the Inglewood (California) Unified School District, and the California State University System. Our primary concern is to complete all projects safely, on schedule, at or below budget and to the quality specified, with minimal disruption to the institutions or their day-to-day operations.

Our experience includes everything from new-build construction, technology upgrades, seismic retrofitting, repair and recovery, and facilities commissioning. CMTS has built a reputation for diligence and thoroughness, and through our ongoing involvement in education projects we continue to build on that reputation as we help build institutions of the highest quality and safety.

Public Works

CMTS has wide-ranging experience in public works and infrastructure projects.

Our projects include the $400 million City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services sewer project; the $1.8 billion Southern California MWD Eastside Valley Reservoir project; the City of Detroit Reservoir project and water works water treatment plant; the City of Santa Monica sewer main replacement; the City of Salem; the Jacksonville Electrical Authority Septic Tank Phaseout program; the Water Works program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a multitude of street realignment and resurfacing projects throughout the country.

Sports Facilities

CMTS has provided project and construction management services for sports and entertainment facilities. These include the Coors Field Baseball Stadium in Denver; the Mariners SAFECO Field Baseball Stadium in Seattle; the Pyramid Athletic Center at California State University at Long Beach; the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center at Long Beach; the Cohan Center in San Luis Obispo, CA, and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.


CMTS has diverse experiences in housing projects that include project management, renovation, and community outreach.

CMTS projects have included University Park Apartments (University of California, Northridge), The Move On Housing Program for Los Angeles International Airport’s Sound Proofing and Relocation Assistance effort, Community Noise Insulation Program (City and County of Denver), Douglas Apartments (Detroit), and the California Park East Apartments (Denver).
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